1. Someone please help me! I was wrongly accused of abuse by 2 aides that are retaliating. I gave a med to a combative dementia patient who always says "no" but always takes her meds. She opened her mouth so the medication wasn't forced. She spit the applesauce out at first so I tried again and this time she swallowed. I have never been accused of anything like this and have only been accused of having TOO BIG OF A HEART but I'm being railroaded because I'm from out of town and I make the aides do their jobs. I know that this is not abuse and I have a good attorney. I even contacted "State" myself and they agree with me! But, does anyone out there have any suggestions. This administration I work for put me on Leave Without Pay until further investigation without even asking me if this occurred. Can U Help?
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  3. by   Tweety
    Sounds like you're doing all you can. I'm sure in the end you'll be proven right. Good luck.