Vial meds and latex allergy

  1. We currently have a patient on my ICU floor who has a latex allergy. Some of the nurses who have cared for him will remove the rubber stopper top from all vials and prefilled cartridges before drawing up the medications while others say it is a unecessary precaution. There is no hospital policy regarding the rubber vial stoppers and latex allergies.

    Just wondering what others have been told or know about drawing up meds from a vial/prefilled cartridge when a person is allergic to latex? Could potential particles from the rubber stopper exacerbate a reaction??
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  3. by   P_RN
    Yes there is a high potential for a reaction. The FDA investigated this and drug companies were urged to do away with natural rubber/latex and use synthetic stoppers. Check the label or insert to see if your med still has latex.
  4. by   jayne109
    Here's what I do: I read the label. Since I am allergic to Latex, I read the labels and know what I can touch and what I can't. The labels almost always say latex-free or not. Our prefilled syringes and most vial have no latex in them.

    Hope this helps.