1. Ok I will probably get blasted for this. I am doing a practicum and am an introvert (it really stinks sometimes but I am not going to change after 50 years). My preceptor calls me up today basically saying I don't ask enough questions and seem not interested. In theory she is right on I don't ask enough questions. In fact, it was questioned whether I was just doing this because I felt I had too. I may have an opportunity but pay wise it might not be good and hours could be long as it could involve setting up the health room. Um I am not in it for the money and surely could make more if I stayed long term care. I find the kids rewarding. I know I will have to advocate for them and isn't that what nursing entails. I am sure most of us have done so. I am just a little frustrated as it comes at the end of the term with 2 classes left and not midterm. I realize it is hard being a preceptor and they can't read my mind, but I am a little beyond irritated. Unfortunately, it takes me a little while to get comfortable in a setting but once I do, I shine. I wish I could be the extrovert. I am seeking my certification in school nursing. I work in a school already and love the kids. I love doing what I am doing and feel I can advocate just fine for the kids if I need too. I have been a nurse for over 22 years in long term care where doctors were not present, working the floor by myself, and taking care of anywhere from 24 to 46 residents. I have dealt with making decisions on having to send residents out and of course calling the doctor to get such orders after doing a detailed assessment. I know it is different from school nursing however I have not had people holding my hand there neither. I know when a patient is going bad. I have had to deal with several issues at once. It's not always slow in long term care. I just want to vent and have been tearful all afternoon. Just keeping the faith and I developed a list of questions for Monday.
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  3. by   JKL33
    How did you respond to your preceptor? It seems like just reassuring her of your interest in the position and making a short comment about your introversion would suffice. I'm sure there is plenty to learn in the new role, so it's good that you have developed a list of questions which will both display your interest and also help you get information you need.

    I think things will be okay - - I wouldn't take too much offense if I were you. It's also a good lesson to know that although there is nothing wrong with being introverted, it can come across in various (negative) ways to other people. Many of us have had to take measures regarding this.

    Best wishes ~