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After decades of opposition, Vatican view on condoms begins to shift | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited "Cardinal Barragán noted a passage from a 1981 document issued by the late Pope John Paul... Read More

  1. by   BSNtobe2009
    The reason the rhythm method is taught by the Catholic church to newly married couples is because the Church nor their teachings, try to control when you do and do not engage in marital relations. to allow you to engage in sex without fear of pregnancy, and the Catholic church teaches that isn't what sex is supposed to be for. what the church is reconsidering. If they do sanction it, it will be for MARRIED couples only, and will only be sanctioned if there is a KNOWN risk. The purpose will not be for pregnancy prevention, but for disease prevention.
  2. by   Barb101
    why does the church discriminate whatever happened to give to the needy as what is thier need not thier greed perhaps the vatican could sell some of thier costly churches & actually help the poor in other countries. But yes I will not "bash" the church. It's just that it is make up of perfect people who practice sex only within the marriage so why do they need protection unless for medical reasons. As for same sex cohabitation if they do not harm anyone else why not let them be. Everyone deserves a little bit of love or are we so biggoted to say damed to you if you dont conform to these rules. Sorry I am not a church goer as you can see but I do believe every person is a human being & deserving of respect