1. My daughter has been accepted at both UT Knoxville and Tennessee State University. She wants to be a nurse practioner. I feel that UT would be a much better school and better prepare her. She wants to go to TSU. Anybody have any experence from either school, good or bad??
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  3. by   lulu88
    I have a friend who graduated from TSU and LOVED it! She still can't stop singing the school's praises to this day! I also attended UT-Austin for my graduate degree. For my undergraduate degree I went to a very small state school in northern Missouri. All I can say is I liked the small school in MO so much better than UT, which was overwhelming at times, even to a graduate student! From my own experience in choosing a college, my advice would be to let your daughter choose. She's the one who will be spending the next four years there, not you (not to be disrespectful in any way). She is old enough and smart enough to choose the school that best suits her interest AND her personality. I would trust her instincts. Hope this helps in some way!

    Best of luck to you and your daughter!
  4. by   Keysnurse2008
    I think both schools are excellent......BUT......a key point to remember is that TSU is in Nashville and .....in Nashville she would have a wider / better selection of clinical sites.Such as Vanderbilt University Medical Center(a national level great teaching hospital that I am very proud to work at)...and saint thomas hospital-leading us cardiac hospital....baptist hospital(think cancer center )....the downtown clinic that she / he will see an urban variety of patients...etc.Perhaps all these are EXCELLENT reasons to choose TSU over UT.Also UT Knox is really a small hospital setting that offers far less clinical experience.And this wide clinical experience is really what they need.TSU!
  5. by   angelac1978
    Vandy also has a NP program, so if she goes to TSU, she will already be in Nashville, already familiar w/ the town, with a place to live, so transitioning to Vandy would be much easier on her. I also have a friend who is an English prof at TSU and if he is any indication of their faculty, then they are all just great. (biased I know, but he really is a great guy!)