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  1. Hello everyone! I'm new here and I have a few questions. I'm going to attend a military school next mont. It is a 13-month course which requires candidates to take and pass the nclex-pn in the state where you take the last phase of the course. In my case, that would be Texas. As I understood, I will be acquire a Texas license if I pass the course. My first question is, can I challenge the other state boards and work in another state? I'm from California and I'm planning to come back here after the course, but I heard different things about being able to work here with military training. One of my friends who took finished the course said I should be able to challenge the CA board but others say I can't. Does anyone have any knowledge about this? Is there a state where I can work as a LVN/LPN after I finish this course other than Texas? I won't mind working in Texas but my fiancee and I want to stay in or close to CA as much as possible. Any advice/comment is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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  3. by   zenman
    Once you get your LVN you should be able to get endorsement in other states. I did this course back in 1971 at Fort Sam when it was 91C and also challenged the CA RN boards and passed.
  4. by   jnrsmommy
    When you apply for boards, my understanding is that you can pick which state you want to have your license from. I graduated nursing school in LA and was applying for TX but was turned down for because TX said that the program I was in did not meet TXs' standard of classroom hours (my program was 20 months, most Tx programs are 12 months, still haven't figured that one out). Anyway, I got my LA license, and after paying more fees was able to apply for an endorsement in Tx.

    I do know that Tx is a compact state, so that the one license is good for several states, but I'm not sure if CA is one of them. That would be something to look in to.