Urban vs. Rural Nursing

  1. Being a nurse can be very difficult in every setting as im sure we all know. Ive recently moved from an urban hospital centre to a more rural centre, and I must admit that I am missing being able to work in the exact area of nursing that interests me (peds). However, there is definitely some appeal to the generalized nursing that is necessary in my new place of work. Im just wondering how others who have had this experience have felt and maybe share their experiences.

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  3. by   Ruby Vee
    I'm not sure how you're defining "urban" and "rural." In my case, I went from a more rural setting where I knew all of my patients (and their grandparents and grandchildren) to the big city. I was afforded the opportunity to specialize more, which was great fun. And I was no longer running into my grandmother's best friend or my husband's first girlfriend, which was also rather nice. But I missed out on some of the friendliness of the small hospital where everyone you met said hello and most stopped to chat. (And you had the time to exchange a few words rather than just power on to the next task.).

    Your patients will probably behave better in the rural setting. It's one thing to take a swing at some random nurse and quite another to take a swing at your neighbor from down the road or your second grade pupil's parent . . . You catch my drift. Sooner or later, you will have relationships in the community and won't be that "new guy from the city."

    Good luck! I hope you enjoy it. Me -- I've had enough of big cities, and hope to never live in one again!