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Hi all! and thank you for the replys. Helped alot. However, now I have a addendum to that issue. here goes, It seems that the senior nurse I was talking about has been trying to set me up... Read More

  1. by   Gromit
    Quote from Bluehair
    Wow! This guy is setting you folks up for a serious JCAHO issue! The whole alarm thing is a new pet peeve of theirs. Not to mention the whole Risk Management issue, like what if the patient dies because the alarm didn't sound. In our hospital we are NOT allowed to turn off alarms for ANY reason (we can do the mute for 2 minute thing is all). If any critical alarms are found turned off it is cause for immediate dismissal. Pulse Ox is considered a critical alarm here. Fix the problem that causes the alarm, don't just shut it off!
    Yeah, our floor is the same way -turn off the alarm, be dismissed without passing "GO". Learn to reset the parameters -safest best bet.
  2. by   morte
    i thought the brand name for the one i am familiar with was Athena, but i dont find it.....you can have up to 4 channells, attached to the "Brain", make sure that no more than three are on one side, lol.....they do weight based heparin....make sure that the weight is entered in the proper measurement.....yup, someone ahead of me had put in lbs instead of kilos...wonder why the ptt was off.....good luck
  3. by   Gromit
    Yeah, that name sounds like the ones I'm talking about. We don't have 'em yet -and I'm stuck on "light duty" for the time being (I hope I'm around when they give us the inservice). Up to 4 channels. Cool. Our current max is 3 (Baxters are the ones we have now, and they can do weightbased hep as well -I like them, they seem to work really well. But I'm really looking forward to the 'modular' ones. Hey, I'm a guy, and I like toys (grin))