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    Mr. Governor,
    I applaud your approach, admirable as it is; it's not the major problem. What about nurses that come to Florida after the 2 to 3 months wait for a license, only to be told that they've NO Experience practicing as a Nurse in Florida? Granted, we will need to educate ourselves to the laws here, but we knew that when we came. Why should facilities (Corporations) be allowed to "Skirt" the age discrimination laws with the above?
    I returned here, and have almost 30 years experience in healthcare, at my expense in hopes that 'Home' would be different. It's expensive to fly here, rent an auto, temporary housing w/utilities, and then find affordable housing to purchase, without being "Rejected' because we've not had any "Practice" as a nurse here.
    A "Nurse is a Nurse"; "Professional Caregiver", and what we do isn't "Practice", but years of "Education", "Skills Learned and Applied", proven over years of working in short staffed facilities, long hour's, and all to often, with uncaring "Corporations" that terminate us for unjust causes because we "Care about those we Care for".

    Mr. Governor,
    We want the "Respect", and the "Dignity" afforded other "Professionals", such as "Firemen and Teachers" get with home purchases. Relocation expenses, and the right to do our "Jobs" without "Fear" or "Intimidation". In short "JOB SECURITY". Immediate and affordable "Health Insurance", without the 90 day constraints.

    Our motto:
    "We Care What's Given and We Give What Cares"; "We're Healthcare Professionals".

    Letter sent to Governor Bush in Florida commenting on his new law concerning nurses in Florida.
    Posted 06/04/2002

    August 27th,2002
    Low-rate loans target nurses...
    In an attempt to lure more nurses and other health-care workers to Florida and retain them, Gov.Jeb Bush announced a program Monday that will make them eligible for low-interest mortgages and student loans.
    The state has partnered with Fannie Mae, to promote up to 100% financing for home loans to nurses and select health-care workers in Florida.
    Knoxville-based edsouth is offering Florida nursing students or nursing graduates working in the state a 1.06 percent interest rate for their student loans.

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    Nice work Betts! How is it going otherwise??
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    The 'Issue(s)', which initially I posted (I Said HUH?) are currently being reviewed by attorney's here and look very promising. I will post updates as they unfold.

    My husband and I have purchased a home here(with pool) and I'm still with Avante. Minor issues with them but,overall they're what I described as my 'perfect employer'.