upcoming interview - HELP!

  1. After many applications, I've finally secured a telephone interview for a labour and delivery position that I desperately want. The nurse manager who will be interviewing me has asked me to think very seriously about some questions that I would like to ask her about herself and how she is as manager.

    I would like to ask about her feelings on Family Centred Care and lots of people in the delivery room. I want to ask about opportunities for overtime (the position I'm in now discouraged overtime work), opportunities for continuing education, and mentoring programs for new staff.

    The thing is, I'm afraid that she's looking for something more creative.

    Any suggestions??
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  3. by   medicrnohio
    Here is a thought....What kind of leader do you consider yourself to be? How do you reward your employees? Do you allow staff to become involved in unit decision making?

    The leader question would require you to do a little bit of research outside of the interview, such as looking at the leadership types and what they would mean to you.
  4. by   IslandtrainedRN
    Great ideas! Thanks!