unions for nurses

  1. Does anyone belong to a union, pros and cons of your experience ?

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  3. by   ruby mcbride
    I currently work at a non-union hospital, but did prior to this employement. They had a union for professionals and non-professionals. You paid monthly dues. We did not have the right to negotiate for wages (it was a government facility), but we could barter for working conditions, hours, rotation, seniority issues, bumping, etc. I was in management. I never had any problem with the union. I feel like if you treat all employees the same, and follow your own facilities rules, there are no problems. I have no real feelings pro or con. In non-union facilities, there are inconsistencies. I just hate to see unions governing professionals. Good luck
  4. by   Allison
    The hospital I work for screwed with the employees so much we felt no other choice but to unionize, we are currently underway and our vote will be soon. The majority of us feel we had no other choice, no raises, new employees hired at more money than experienced rn's, benefits cut, etc... the list goes on. I have never been involved with a union before this , but I believe that since our organizing efforts management has finally opened it eyes and realized that they can no longer walk on us.
  5. by   pday
    I've worked in hospitals were nurses were organized, and am currently working in a hospital in the middle of an organizing campaign. The benefits of being organized are enormous in terms of salaries, working conditions, and nurse empowerment. My current work situation sounds similar to Allisons, and I'm doing everything in my power to make sure our campaign is successful. The major obstacle is getting coworkers to see that the NURSES are the union when management's message is that they are some untrustworthy third party. Only with a unified voice and through the process of collective bargaining will we have our concerns addressed and resolved.