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How do I deal with a sarcastic supervisor? I took a temporary Head Nurse position and when I asked for help, needed to know about care plans,the supervisor said you should know this,you wanted to be... Read More

  1. by   RNPD
    Hank, we will agree to disagree as it is obvious that we each believe we are right. As far as your question-if it were a male CO-WORKER, I wouldn't have a problem, if it were an obviously casual remark. If it were a male SUPERVISOR, it would depend on the context, and the pattern is also important. But I can tell you, since I have learned a lot about EEOC through my husband who is a representative for his company, that such a remark COULD be cause for concern. You are right that some people are quick to play the harrassment card-very often those same people that are intent on getting something for nothing. Your remarks could definitely cause you a problem if made in the context of you as supervisor, and even with peers. I know this because I have seen it. The scenario was exactly the same, only the words differed-as in "What's wrong? Are you on the rag?" This happened in my husband's place of business and the offender almost lost his job over it-and definitely lost any chance for advancement, although he was quite high in the company hierarchy already.

    So take the warning for what you will. If people are offended by remarks you make, and the EEOC agrees that they are offensive, it doesn't matter what excuse you come up with. And if it can be proven that you did indeed say it, they almost always agree with the complaintant.

    You might want to do an EEOC search-it really might make you see things differently. It is important for us all to be "PC", but especially when we are supervising others. Or you could learn the hard way.

    Their website is www.eeoc.gov
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    Thanks for a spirited conversation.

    Good Luck in your future endeavors!