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So last night I had a patient who is normally very bright, pleasant and talkative get up in the middle of the night practically unable to walk. She was very lethargic with slurred speech and a... Read More

  1. by   SweetLemon
    I was unsure at the time but had a feeling that the patient was either A: way over sedated from new scheduled meds she began taking or B: possibly having a stroke. With her current medication and status A was most likely but I did not want to rule out B simply because it was 3am and I did not want to bother the doc. After waking the patient up a little more with constant 1:1 monitoring and vitals/neuro checks she became a little less lethargic. I also gave her snack, even though BS was fine just to see if it would not help wake her up a bit. within an hour she looked much better and by then end of the following day she was back to her old self. A feel a bit embarrassed that I made everyone jump through all those hoops and it ended up (appearing) to resolve itself but on the other hand at the moment I really was uncomfortable about the patient, I had 2 much more senior nurses look at her and they agreed the doc should be called, and a learned a lot from the experience. If I could do it all over again I think I would probably still call the doc, maybe not suggest that the patient needed to be sent out quite so quickly though. Thanks for all the support and tips!