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hi, i am in a last minute funk, so to speak...i am scheduled to start school at a local community college to begin studies for my adn. i have always had a great interest in nursing but lately have... Read More

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    Quote from jjjoy
    If you decide that nursing isn't for you, maybe you want to take a step back and get a job in a hospital or health facility to see what direction you'd like to head - as opposed to jumping into another program. Since you've already started a nursing program, you may have enough skills to be a CNA or unit secretary or the like. Another suggestion is to hold out another semester and see if it improves. Whatever you end up doing, the skills, the interpersonal relations, the rigors of nursing school will benefit you.
    I agree. It really pays to get your feet wet in an actual hospital. You get to see so many different facets of the different areas.