Ugly Nail Treatment?

  1. Besides Rx Penelac, how do you treat pt.'s with thick, discolored, brittle nails?
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  3. by   June55Baby
    Read yesterday of treating brittle, ugly nails and nail fungus with Tea Tree Oil (Melalucca).
  4. by   kyti
    PO Lamsil, for I think it is 3 months, need lab work every so often. It takes up to a year for nails to grow out ,but works really well for the really bad ones.
  5. by   Shotzie
    Some home remedy type treatments that have been known to work are the Tea Tree Oil a was suggested above, and putting Vicks Vaporub all over the toe, especially at the base of the nail. You are supposed to put it on every night at bedtime and then put on a pair of cotton socks.
    both of these treatments have to be used for 6 months or until the nail grows completely out. I know it's a long time but all the other treatments take just as long and they are expensive and have scary side effects. I'd choose using Vicks over Lamasil any day.