UAN Nurses Strike

  1. 5/24/01
    UAN Stands with Twin Cities Nurses:

    MNA's Courageous RNs Are Leading the Charge for Safe Staffing, Better Care, Says UAN Chair........

    Washington, DC -- As some 7,700 Minnesota Nurses Association RNs in 12 hospitals across Minneapolis-St. Paul prepare for what would be the largest RN strike in history, United American Nurses (UAN) Chair Cheryl Johnson, RN issued the following statement:

    "Each and every of the 100,000-plus RNs from the 26 nurses associations of the United American Nurses stands with our sister and brother nurses in the Twin Cities in their fight for better and safer patient care. Their courage in fighting for the future of the nursing profession is both inspirational and a call to action for all of us. We are with them in the hospital emergency rooms and ICUs, and we will be with them on the picket lines. Their fight
    is our fight.

    "Registered nurses across the country are committed to making our hospitals better places for patients and nurses alike. Nurses in Minnesota are using the powerful voice of their union to make sure that the citizens in the Twin Cities are guaranteed the best patient care possible the next time they have to check into a hospital.

    "As nurses, we see the great risk both nurses and patients run every day due to unsafe and inadequate staffing and dangerous working conditions. If we are to solve the nurse staffing crisis and keep qualified, experienced staff nurses in hospitals caring for the patients who desperately need them, then we must fight to make hospitals better – and safer – places to work. Through solidarity, we can and we will improve patient care conditions and
    our health care system."

    The United American Nurses, the labor arm of the American Nurses Association, counts as members the Minnesota Nurses Association, plus nurses state associations from 23 other states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and is made up of more than 100,000 RNs nationwide.
    # # #

    Four weeks and counting: Youngstown nurses stand strong -

    Nurses at Youngstown, Ohio's Western Reserve Care Center/Forum Health are sticking together and standing strong as their strike, which began on May 1, approaches the four-week mark. More than 770 members of the Youngstown General Duty Nurses Association, an affiliate of the Ohio Nurses Association and part of the
    United American Nurses, are speaking out for safer staffing and saying no to mandatory overtime. Please help show our UAN solidarity with our nurses, who are fighting for everyone on the front lines of patient care by offering financial assistance or sending a letter of support. For more information on how you can stand with the Youngstown nurses, contact Youngstown strike headquarters - visit the ONA website at
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    Minnesota Strike Update: 3:00 5/30/01

    Talks End. Stage Set for Nation's Largest Nursing Strike.

    Negotiations between nurses and hospitals concluded Friday evening when Federal Mediators advised both negotiating teams that a settlement was unlikely to be achieved. The two sides are still far apart on issues of staffing, scheduling and economics.

    Hospitals presented an offer that upped the wage proposal a meager 1.1% for a few nurses and 0% for a bulk of the nurses. The proposal also inadequately addressed insurance caps and continued to ignore longevity bonuses that would reward loyal, long-term employees.

    In addition, they proposed the introduction of a "blue ribbon panel" to study the nursing shortage. It is difficult enough to understand why a concept of this nature was brought to negotiations regarding workplace issues, but it is even more perplexing in light of the abundance of existing research already available about the issue.

    The finest minds in the country have published extensive research findings and recommendations, including The Institute of Medicine, The Joint Commission on Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations, the American Hospital Association's own sub-group, the American Organization of Nursing Executives, and the American Nurses Association. MNA itself has helped Senators Wellstone and Dayton conduct hearings across the state on the nursing crisis.

    Nurses are demanding action, not more research. And viable actions are already at hand, with successful examples of the American Nurses Association Magnet Hospital program that directly correlates nurse-sensitive indicators, such as staffing levels and input into workload, with positive patient outcomes.

    The result is, as of June 1, 7,800 nurses will withold their services in a work stoppage starting at 5:30am.

    Nurses are emphatically unified in their determination to stand up and speak out for safe patient care. Nurses have demanded bold changes in their contracts, and proposals advanced by the hospitals remain far from adequate.

    Meanwhile, community support continues to pour in to the MNA offices from individuals and organizations in the form of memos, voices mails and pledges of donations.

    If you would like to contribute to a strike fund to help nurses who may be walking the picket lines, please plan to do so after the May 31st deadline. Make your check payable to MNA Strike Fund and send Attn: John Lose, 1625 Energy Park Drive, St. Paul, MN 55108.

    If you want to email words of support to us, send to:

    Ohio Strike News

    Residential Picketing - Gather at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, May 30 at Strike Headquarters. We will caravan to the chosen residence.

    Action Committee meetings - every Thursday, 4 p.m., strike headquarters. All are invited.

    PRESS RELEASE - Thursday, May 24, 2001

    After 8 hours of negotiations today with Forum Health and the Youngstown General Duty Nurses Association (YGDNA), talks broke off. YGDNA offered new solutions and major concessions to address the mandatory overtime issues, all of which were rejected by the hospital. We are extremely disappointed that an agreement could not be reached. No new meetings have been scheduled at this time. YGDNA remains committed to resolving this strike on behalf of the citizens of the Mahoning Valley and the 766 Registered Nurses on strike.
    Special thank you for the support from ONA members at the Cincinnati RN Association and Lima Memorial Hospital.

    Picketing Schedule
    The picket line is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    - 2 hours shifts.
    - Each shift begins on the even hour.

    Job opportunities are posted at the Strike Headquarters.

    Strike Headquarters
    Medical Care Employee Federal Credit Union
    630 Gypsy Lane, Suite 1
    Youngstown, Ohio 44505
    Next door to Northside Hospital
    Phone: 330-746-6344 or 330-716-2196
    Fax: 330-746-6351
    Office open 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., 7 days a week

    Dear YGDNA Nurses:
    I wanted to e-mail your courageous nurses in Youngstown to thank them wholeheartedly for their letters of support as we also embark on our strike against Brockton Hospital in Brockton, MA. Seeing our concerns echoed throughout this great land has strengthened us beyond our wildest dreams, we thank you all and will forever fight for our patients rights to safe and quality health care ... we are with you in spirit ... God bless and keep you on the path to victory.
    Julie Connors, RN, ER
    Brockton Hospital
    Brockton, MA

    Letter to the administration:

    Mr. Jon Steen
    Forum Healthcare
    500 Gypsy Lane
    Youngstown, Ohio 44505

    Dear Mr. Steen:

    On behalf of the greater Youngstown labor community, I would like to encourage you to redouble your efforts to settle the Nurses Association contract at Northside Medical Center. It is in the best interests of your patients, the medical center, the community and all nursing professionals involved in this dispute to come to terms agreeable to both parties. This can only be done at the bargaining table, and we urge you to keep working for a solution.

    We would also like to mention that bringing in replacement workers does not lead to a harmonious bargaining atmosphere. Although patient care is of paramount importance, there also ought to be a way to reach resolution without endangering the good will and welfare of the loyal employees.

    If Greater Youngstown AFL-CIO Council can be of any assistance at all, please contact me. We are very interested in how these negotiations proceed and in their outcome.


    Larry Fauver, President
    Greater Youngstown AFL-CIO Council

    Letters to the nurses association:

    Ms. Bonnie Lambert
    District Three President
    Ohio Nurses Association
    Williamsburg West
    5669 Mahining Ave.
    Youngstown, Ohio 44515

    Dear Ms. Lambert:

    I was sorry to hear that the Western Reserve Care System/Forum Health administration failed to negotiate a fair contract with the nurses in that facility. I am proud to hear that the nurses are standing up for such a vitally important issues as health and safety, mandatory (forced) overtime, and patient care, as well as issues such as wages and pensions that ensure high quality professionals continue to be attracted to nursing.

    The leadership that these committed ONA nurses are providing is inspirational in our nationwide effort to create comprehensive contracts that provide quality workplace for our nurses as well as a safe and strong helathcare facility for our patients.

    Keep up the incredible work, and best wishes on a successful resolution to the contract.


    Camille Soleil, JD
    Director of Labor Relations
    Kentucky Nurses Association


    Dear Bonnie:

    On behalf of the Illinois Nurses Association, I want to extend our support of YGDNA in your efforts to assure safe staffing for the citizens of Youngstown and Mahoning County.

    Many of our members know the sacrifice that your members are making. We wish you a speedy and successful resolution.


    Carol A. Jenkins, MS, RN, CAE
    Interim Executive Director
    Illinois Nurses Association


    Dear YGDNA Nurses:
    I found your site by emailing the AFL-CIO. My wife works at a hospital where a lot of travelers were working. As of Sunday, April 29, 2001, many of them were flown out to Ohio for a strike. They have a 16 day contract with the temp agency that employs them. I guess the hospital figures that you ladies can't last longer than 16 days, or they hope to settle within that time frame. It's truly a shame that these nurses enjoy making money off the plight of fellow nurses. Whatever happened to caring for individuals? I hope this information helps with your fight for a fair contract. I'm a steward at Verizon, and we sustained an 18 day strike in 2000. I hope yours is as successful as our was.
    Chuck Dobry


    Press Release announcing strike.

    May 1, 2001 - Registered Nurses members of the Ohio Nurses Association, and its affiliate, the Youngstown General Duty Nurses Association (YGDNA) will go on strike at Western Reserve Care System/Forum Health located in Youngstown OH. The strike is scheduled to take place on May 1, 2001 at 3:30 p.m.

    There are 771 Registered Nurses members in the bargaining unit. Bonnie Lambert, President of the YGDNA said, "Youngstown Nurses would rather fight than quit. We are fighting for our patients, our families, our lives and our profession.

    We have tried to negotiate an agreement that will attract and retain registered nurses; however, many issues remain unresolved." Two of the most important practice issues involve safe staffing and the elimination of mandatory overtime. The Ohio Nurses Association and the Medical Center are also far apart on wages and benefits. A mediator from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service has been involved in the negotiations for several weeks.

    The Youngstown General Duty Nurses on strike would like to thank the following businesses and individuals for their generous support:

    Pizza Joes
    Pizza Joes - Boardman
    Joe's Restaurant
    Ron Verb
    Beverage House
    Pizza Outlet
    Mary Jo Onder
    Jennifer Branlett
    Massage Therapy Center
    Dr. Purary
    Jody Vasey
    Dr. Anonymous
    Brenda Newlin Globeck
    Ralph Globeck
    Cafaro Company
    Mocha House
    Inner Circle
    Sherry Cox
    Bev - 2 West
    Ohio Nurses Association (ONA)
    Ohio Nurses Employee Association (ONEA)
    United American Nurses (UAN) (The Union Arm of ANA)
    Neighbor from hospital
    Dr. Jamison
    Teacher's Union
    Teamster's Local 377
    Sparkle Market -Union Square
    Ron Bann
    AFSCME 3577
    Rose Pasture, RN
    Papa Johns Pizza
    Dr. Thomas
    Mother/Baby Unit
    Nurses from St. E's
    Local PEP #4
    Local 64
    Diane Wells - Sheetz (Girard)
    Martha Eicher - CRNA
    Dallas Hartman PC
    Alex & Pat DiGiacomo
    Cora Barthy & Willo Ferro
    Alltel Boardman Office
    John Lammerding
    Magic Mocha Machine
    Virginia O'Hare
    Dr. Fred Kurz
    Betsy Waid
    Car Team Boardman Firefighters
    Struthers High School
    Gary Reel
    Phyllis Simon
    Pediatric Oncology - Holly
    Gail Halstead
    John Gordon & UAW
    Judy Stanfer
    Dr. Soltis
    Leonard Lucas, Melodies & Memories
    Gabe Kramer & Staff SEIU 1199
    Bill Detchon
    Ray & Rose Ferrando
    Tim & Judy McPhillips
    YSU - APAS
    Greg Johnson - Song & Music
    Sherwin Williams - Austintown
    Poland Giant Eagle
    Elmtree Catering
    Tastee Bakery
    Natasha Wright
    Dorris D'Errico
    Gobel's Autobody & Towing
    Pepsi Co. - Rodger King
    Susan Savustuk
    Dr. Meyers
    Army Recruiters - Eric & Jay
    Dr. Marina
    Shirley Ann & Gerald Schultz
    Darlene Tofil
    Joan Leslie
    Pasquales Pizza
    Joann Ford
    Kinko's - Nar
    Staples - Ben & Paul
    AFSCME - Retirees sub chapter
    Leonard Stanfer
    Randy @ Parkview Counseling
    U.S. Air Force
    Jan Foley & Family
    Mrs. Julius - YSU Faculty
    Mary Ann Lloyd
    Debbie Shane
    Faith Mrofchak
    Vera West
    Jody Vasey
    Anne Traveline
    Westside Bakery
    Frattarolli Sparkle
    Ron Evans
    Jeanne Barker
    Lois Gessner
    Becky Hook
    Eric Jacobs
    Teachers of Cardinal Mooney High School
    Dr. Banks
    Northside Security
    Great Harvest Bread Co.
    Asst. Mgr. Dave @ Sprarkle
    Dr. Escobar
    Dr. Anonymous
    Donna Crchedi
    Bill Fisher
    Gloria Longue
    ATC Healthcare
    Candy Fatimus
    Hillside Rehab Nurses
    CWA 4300
    Prof. Practice Unit St. Vincent's
    Medical Resident
    Union 1372
    Gene Root
    Sarah Root
    1199 Parkview Counciling
    St. E's Pacu & OR
    Mike Basista
    Massage Therapy Center
    Big Daddy Revue
    May Varley
    Inner Circle
    Jeff Jarrett (Johnson & Johnson)
    John Centofanti (Ross Labs)
    Franchescisos Restaurant
    Robin Marr
    Acme Steak (Tony Tringhese)
    Annonymous - Candy Bars
    Dr. Yoon
    Linda Glob
    Westside Bakery
    Linda Glock
    Jack E. Fateley Jr.
    Nancy Dieger
    Dr. Banks
    Amy Welmeyer
    Donna Glydura
    Dr. Cohen
    Beverage House
    John Lammerding - Archway
    Virginia O'Hare
    Med.. Employees Credit Union
    Inner Circle Pizza
    Papa John's Pizza
    Dr. Terri Rich
    Bev Bretscheider in memory of her son Ryan
    SEIU 1199
    Beth & Keith Showman
    Bridget @ Spinners Sub Shop
    Irish Bob's Pub
    Donna Kennedy (UAN)
    Bell Detchon
    Pizz Outlet
    Nurses From Gary Indiana
    Mary Ellen Patton
    Leila & Ray Leclerc
    Taste-n-Tell Bakery

    Companies refusing to cross picket line:
    Nickel's Bakery
    Wonder Bread
    Area Florists
    Papa John's

    Directions to Northside Hospital can be found at the website

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    Minnesota Update -

    Three hospitals settle with nurses

    Three east metro hospitals operated by HealthEast Wednesday came to tentative contract agreements covering over 1,000 nurses, according to a officials from the hospitals and union.
    The hospitals are St. John’s in Maplewood and St. Joseph’s and Bethesda Rehabilitation in St. Paul. Shireen Ghandi-Kozel, a spokeswoman for the Minnesota Hospital and Healthcare Partnership.

    The three-year agreements, which will be presented to workers for ratification Thursday, call for raises totaling 20.8 percent and changes in "practice rules," said Jan Rabbers, the spokeswoman for the Minnesota Nurses Association.

    With a massive nursing strike imminent, at least one other Twin Cities hospital went back to the bargaining table Wednesday.

    Brock Nelson, chief executive officer of Children’s Hospitals and Clinics, said talks with the nurses union resumed this morning at about 9:30 a.m. If they reach a tentative agreement, it would mark the second departure from pattern contract bargaining that has so far led to a bitter stalemate.

    Nurses at North Memorial Medical Center in Robbinsdale narrowly approved a contract two weeks ago. But master contract talks between the other hospitals and the Minnesota Nurses Association broke off Friday. Nurses say they will walk off the job at 5:30 a.m. Friday, launching one of the largest strikes in Minnesota in recent memory and one of the biggest nursing walkouts nationally in recent history.

    It’s not clear whether other hospitals have also gone back to negotiations individually with the union, which had been the practice until earlier this month.

    A “handful” of the 12 hospitals facing a strike by over 7,800 nurses were talking again Wednesday, said Shireen Ghandi-Kozel, a spokeswoman for the Minnesota Hospital and Healthcare Partnership, a management group. She declined to say exactly how many hospitals or which institutions had resumed bargaining. Children’s two hospitals, one in Minneapolis, one in St. Paul.

    Jan Rabbers, a spokeswoman for the Minnesota Nurses Association, said she didn’t know of any bargaining Wednesday beyond Children’s.

    On Tuesday, Children’s and union officials agreed to resume talks this morning, Nelson said. He declined to comment on whether Children’s was putting forth a new contract proposal.

    “”We are in discussions right now and we would like to get a settlement and I hope we will,’’ Nelson said.

    Children’s Hospital, which has 1,200 nurses, specializes in pediatrics. Over half of its patients are critically ill children, Nelson said. Thus, the hospital has fewer elective procedures it can postpone in case of a strike. “”We have a special mission compared to other hospitals,’’ he said........

    See?????? THATS how it is supposed to work. Forget about finding "replacements" & get back to the table & comromise with the nurses to AVOID the strike in the first place. These hospitals in Minnesota just may be finally seeing the light.