Twinkle the Fairy and the Change-Resistant Spiders (A Tragedy) - page 2

OK, everybody, I'm at it again. More whacked-out humor and bizarre venting. Nobody ever accused me of being sane! Here goes...:eek: JeannieM Once upon a time, there were three Med-surg nurses... Read More

  1. by   WalMart_ADN
    toe truck
    hahahahahahaahaha !!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!
  2. by   JeannieM
    Wendy, you'll have to write to sequel (get Rusty's toe truck to help!) because next week I'm OFF TO LOUISIANA ON VACATION! I'm staying at a haunted B&B, going on cemetery and voodoo tours, and trying to find someplace good to eat in New Orleans (hey, I couldn't just do a normal vacation, could I???) I'll probably have more stories because I eat, sleep and drink this job (usually wine, although I may graduate up to double martinis before I retire). You guys are so great. I LOVE to write; I crank out torrid romantic novels on my off time, and these nutty tales are a real stress reliever for me.
    Okay, guys. Where do I eat in New Orleans? JeannieM