Trying to be a nurse

  1. I want to become a nurse. But i do not have the time during daylight hours to go to school. does any one know if there is a night course in new york for me to attend?
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  3. by   l.rae
    Tom...welcome to the allnurse bulletin board....l don't live in NY and can't answer your questions....but good luck....most universities have evening why not start on your pre-reqs?...........LR
  4. by   whipping girl in 07
    You could at least start your pre-reqs at night, but you will probably have to make arrangements at some point to be able to go to school during the day.

    Is it your current job that would keep you from going to nursing school during the day?

    I don't know of any programs anywhere that have nursing classes and clinicals at night. Wish I could help.
  5. by   l.rae
    one of the colleges in Cinci has weekend classes only...look around, schools are getting very accomodating..LR
  6. by   Jenny P
    Minneapolis, Mn. has an evening/ weekend nursing program for ADN. I'm sure there must be something similar in New York; it just may take some searching to find it. Maybe if you call the State Board of Nursing, they may have some info for you-- or call the New York State Nurses Association for info also.

    And start on your pre-req's in the mean time. Good Luck!
  7. by   JonRN
    Tom, welcome bro. What about Excelsior, it is in NY. Do a search on this BB, I think I remember someone posting the web addy on here a while ago. Good luck, and I hope you are able to realize your dream. Anything I can do to help you, PM or email me.

  8. by   capgirl
    Hi Tom - Try your local community college. The one in my area has day AND evening nursing courses. And they are reasonably priced too! Try this link to SUNY

    NY also has a lot of online courses offered through the SUNY learning network

    good luck.
  9. by   Agnus
    Best advice, ask the colleges in your area directly. That way you get the most uptodate and and correct information.

    My philosophy, go to the source.