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  1. This is my first thread so bear with if I ramble. I have worked under the same team leader for 6.5 yrs. I have always been happy with her management, she has open door policy, listens to her staff , and does what she can to get problems corrected. I have sung her praises to other staff for several years, new staff included. Recently it has come to my attention that she may not be so super after all. There was a recent staff change that led to more nurses on weekend night shifts that we normally run with. Usually 3 RNs for nights with one tech. A staff person was granted weekend option on our unit when there was not a need for it. It meant that there were 4 RNs scheduled each weekend night and that would result in a floater each of those nights, or getting cancelled.(usually floating). Anyway, when I asked why that decision was made,(because we were all griping about it) her reply was that said staff member understood that they would be the float person each time it was neccessary. Later I find out that said staff person was not informed of this requirement to float until after my conversation with the manager. I understand that floating is neccessary in our jobs but I feel like I was blown off and outright lied to. I have found it very hard to speak with the manager since then, because I dont know if I have been naive all this time or what. I question whether she really is a trusted manager or if she just gives lip service to get me to shut-up. Any suggestions? Thanks for lettin me vent.
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  3. by   canoehead
    If you've known this woman for 6 1/2 years and trusted her this is more likely a miscommunication. How much do you trust the source of your other information, and could you clarify what your manager told you, just for your own comfort?

    Does this policy change affect you negatively? Maybe it would be best to just ignore the whole mess. If it doesn't work out, as you seem to think it won't, then it'll be over in a few months anyway.
  4. by   Glad2behere
    Everyone cannot be perfect all the time...she has been good for over 6 years...try and forgive her.