trouble with critical care class, please help

  1. My husband is in his last semester of nursing school, HOORAY! This last semester consists of a general clinical experience and 120 hours of practicum. The only class that contributes to his grade is a critical care class. They have 6 tests and a final, practicum evaluations do nothing to improve his grade. The problem is that he, along with half of their 60 member class are failing after 3 tests. Those that are passing are passing with the bare minimal C. I myself am a nurse and work in the SICU. My critical care tests in school were very simple if you studied the material. We also had other grades that factored in to help us out. Most of the class made A's. He studies EVERY night for at least 2 hours and nights before tests I have to make him put down the text and go to sleep. From what I understand the tests are more critical thinking than just straight to the point questions. I think that is strange since nursing students have NO experience in any kind of nursing and that critical care is very hard to grasp without experience. My question is has anyone had problems like this before and what texts or techniques did you use to improve your grades. I have purchased four different NCLEX review books, a CCRN review guide and found all of my notes for him to use. We're willing to try or buy anything to get him through this last semester. With the stress of the NCLEX and the worry of another semester with only one income, this is taking a toll on us both. I appreciate your help, Thanks!
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  3. by   jmgrn65
    Has he talked to the instructor to ask him/her what he can do to improve his grade and if most of the students are having a problem, then the instructor is not doing a good job teaching. IMHO
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    Thank you for the only response. Yes he and his classmates have spoken with the instructors and the dean. They seem to think that their tests are reasonable and were very disturbed to hear that the dean was contacted. After the last test he is 2 points under failing but reviewing his test scores, he is right with the class average. I don't know what they are trying to accomplish, whether it be ego, or trying to prepare for the NCLEX but if they are trying to weed people out, why not do it in the first, second or third semester, not the last. Once again, thank you!
  5. by   k3immigrant
    i understand how your husband is feeling right clinical instructor failed me on my third year of nursing school but that did not stop me.i studied harder so i passed my NCLEX on the first of the tricks i did before was to understand the normal anatomy & physiology then tried to insert the abnormal in the normal process & that way i understand the disease process itself so when the test comes, i imagine the normal A & P & correlate the questions in the test.also, when taking the test, don't look for the right answer right away.give your reasons why each option is wrong then whatever is left will be the right answer.
    goodluck to your husband.....