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  1. I hope you'll have mercy on a "baby" poster, as I'm having trouble finding the right place to ask this:

    Problem: Applying to a hospital as a Nursing Assistant (tomorrow - full-time, which I've seen once in a year); quit my previous job over emotional abuse issues with former supervisor

    Story: This lady had not worked in 20 years but gets hired by a clinic manager as a favor (they are friends). I learn soon after getting hired that the person before me quit because of this same abuse. A few weeks later, my co-worker leaves as well. HR is notified a few times regarding this manner and a formal complaint is entered. A few months go by, the abuse falls on me - day after day. Manager sees the problem and I actually overhear HER tell a co-worker of mine that she feels sorry for me! Mrs. Manager then tells me to hang in there and "we'll get through it". Well - nothing gets done. A few more months go by - same stuff continues. I call HR to file a complaint - they tell me to discuss it with my manager again. Hospital policy specifically states that when there is an issue with a manager, the complaint MUST be taken up with HR immediately. This did not happen. One morning around 5 am, I call the supervisor and tell her to get her "butt" into work, because I won't be coming in. Yes, it felt great. But during the last few weeks, the manager turned on me - told me I might be having psychological issues and should see a counselor. I was the problem.

    At any rate, I have summarized this on a few applications in the best way possible, without being "finger-pointing" and so forth - HR reps then tell me they want to see someone who has more job stability/less job-hopping. I've worked at my family grocery business for 15 years and just entered the medical field. I know what they really mean. I understand interpersonal communication and am not some crybaby who can't take it. How do I resolve this issue? I want to be honest on my application. Do I not list this hospital altogether? Any of my former co-workers would give me a glowing reference, including the nurses and docs! How can I properly word what happened to me? Any advice? Thanks so much!

    1 year to RN and counting!
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  3. by   LoveMyBugs
    Why are you listing your reasons for leaving on your application? Reasons for leaving would generally be discussed in your interivew. On your application for reason for leaving, you would keep it very short ie, will discuss in interivew, or personal, or looking for a change...
    From your summary I am not really sure as to what was happening, but if that is what you are putting on your application, then that would be a turn off to an employer, it also sounds like you did not give any notice, which dosn't look good for you eaither
  4. by   jmkeller81
    Thanks for your advice, but I would think "personal reasons" or "will discuss in interview" in regards to a 6-months-in-length job would be quite a tip-off. However, I do see the weakness in providing a summary on the application itself. It's by no means a sob-story, but my only goal is to get to the interview first, and explain further.
  5. by   LoveMyBugs
    Quote from jmkeller81
    It's by no means a sob-story, but my only goal is to get to the interview first, and explain further.
    Then why say anything at all on the application? You don't have to use that job as a reference, in most states, past employers can only verify that you were employed for a certain time, and I believe that they can ask if you would be eligible for rehire and because you didn't give a 2 week notice the answer is no. I don't see how giving any explanation of what happened would help you in an interview for a new job, because it could regardless of whether it is true have you come off looking like someone who could be a problem if you are before you even make it to a interview complain about your previous employer on a job application
  6. by   mpccrn
    i'd list the job and references that would give you a glowing appraisal. when asked in an interview why you left after such a short time you could always say extenuading family circumstances....the family busisness needed you, you needed to put more time into studying, yadda yadda yadda......not quite a lie but not quite the truth your post is worded, you did need to leave for your own mental health and well being. emphasize that you look forward to finishing school and becoming part of the medical team and how much working as a NA would benifit you now as you go through school as well as after receiving your license........just a thought