Trolling for Health Care

  1. Probably don't need to post this, but just lately I've noticed an increase of people joining the board to ask health related questions. You know, like "I found a spot/lump/pain on my foot/hand/nose. Can you tell me what it is?"

    Just a reminder, it isn't a good idea to answer these posts. Generally, they seem to be from people not in a health care profession looking for a little free curbside advice. If you answer, you place yourself (and possibly Allnurses) at risk for liability lawsuits. The best answer to these folks is "see a doctor pronto" then report the post.

    Trouble like this you don't need.

    Kevin McHugh
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  3. by   bobnurse
    what if its a physician answering the thread?
  4. by   RN4NICU
    Just what allnurses needs...a physician making diagnoses over the internet! Talk about liability.

    Good advice Kevin,