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Does anyone know of any nurses who are traveling to the US but living in Mexico? (Or any other low cost of living country) Here is my thinking on this. One could live in a country with a low... Read More

  1. by   Mantibob
    NurseHardee - actually if you travel daily you can get a special pass and you go through a special car lane and all they do is look at the pass in your window and wave you through. No stoping or inspections or anything.

    Very easy. Very pleasant.

    Quote from NurseHardee
    Got to tell you, Zack... you got more stamina than I do. Border crossings are never pleasant, and who needs that as a more or less daily thing? It's just too damn ugly to want to do, even if it were to only work two back-to-back double shifts, maybe then????? But that's horrible too! NH
  2. by   NurseHardee
    That might be true between Tijuana-SD now, but that's not true everywhere. That's what makes a lot of it such a mess going back and forth on a daily basis. There is always something new and difficult that willl occur, might occur, or is occurring that very second.

    My main point put simply for anyone thinking of doing it... that it's a chore I wouldn't want on a daily basis. It can be done, but IMO it's a commute form Hell.
  3. by   suzanne4
    I used to do border crossings three time per week from Mexico and they were never any fun................................and things have changed since then.

    Policies change on a moment's notice, and they can change at any ones's whim. Even the people with the passes get stopped every so often.

    I wouldn't want to have to depend on border crossing every day to go to work................not now.........