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  1. Hi everyone! I am new to this discussion forum and I have a question for you. How many have had any experience with travel nursing? Can you recommend the agency (ies) you prefer and what questions to ask and what to look for? I am interested in travel nursing in my state within a 60 mile radius to gain experience in CCU (I have some) and I need a housing allowance due to current housing situation. I am nervous about getting paid, whether or not I will enjoy or at least tolerate the position; and generally what I can expect from travel nursing in general. Any information anyone has would be helpful.
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  3. by   CC NRSE
    most companies ( and the irs! :d)require you to travel at least 50 miles from home to be able to receive housing allowance that is tax free. (you should be ok there! ) as far as gaining experience,..i'm not sure this is the correct way to go about it. when you take a travel assignment,..they expect you to be able to come in with a few hours of orientation and take over patient care. most places expect to get experienced nurses through the travel agencies. that is the whole point. usually they don't have time to orient and need someone who can walk in and take over patient care. also the native staff don't take kindly to having to "teach" travelers. what you have to keep in mind, usually make more $$$$ than regular staff, therefore, they (not always) get the worst patients (the ones no one else wants-- long termers) and are the first ones to float. (at most places) my suggestion is, if you want more experience in icu, sign up for a few more shift at a hospital you know and are comfortable with. hope this helps!!

    if you want more info,..feel free to pm me!!