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  1. i'm writing an article about travel nursing with tips on what clothes work best in different regions, what's easy to pack, how you plan your wardrobe when you move around a lot, etc. Does anyone have tips you'd be willing to share?
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  3. by   bagladyrn
    I used to carry only clothes for summer weather as I worked in the north in the summer and then FL or southern AZ in the winter. Then I extended a contract in northern NV and realized I owned 4 bathing suits and NO sweaters. I had to go out and buy a whole winter wardrobe! Now I carry one medium sized suitcase with cold weather clothes with me at all times. One tip I can offer - if you find yourself without appropriate clothes, consignment shops are a lifesaver. I tend toward easy maintenence clothes, thinks that pack easily, need little or no ironing, avoid dry clean only. I carry enough scrubs to make it through 2 weeks without doing laundry (6-7 pairs) in case my housing doesn't have washer/dryer and I have to go to the laundromat.
    When I find myself building up too many clothes as I travel, I sort through and the local Goodwill gets a donation.