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  1. Hello Everyone.

    I have a travel contract and I am not sure if I am being low balled. I am being offered an hourly rate of $21.52/hr with 36hrs per week and a monthly stipend of $1800 nothing else. The assignment is for a Telemetry/Med-Surg float position in Oregon. I am new to travel nursing and my last assignment was with a different travel company in Washington but they have been unable to get me a decent assignment for the last 2 months. In addition, the assignment in Oregon is for 5 months which seems rather long. The company is kinda rushing me to complete the prerequisites for taking the assignment. They are not even paying for the medical. I am hoping for some thoughts and opinions about the compensation package. It seems low compared to what I have read others are making on the forum. Thanks everyone.
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  3. by   Nurse_
    It's too low for a travel assignment without any other benefits.

    Also, the company should be paying for your medical. If you don't feel comfortable with the assignment, don't take it. There are better assignments out there.
  4. by   SuzieVN
    I shouldn't be, any longer, but am nonetheless to see how expoenentially pay for nurses has dropped in the past ten years. I haven't been paid $21 as an LVN in 15 years, and you're an RN, traveller? Wow. And no benefits.