Transferring w/in a hospital or w/in a hospital system...which is best?

  1. I'm a 3rd semester student and am thinking about where I would like to apply for jobs when that time comes. I want to work NICU but it seems only one hospital out of this whole hospital system (about 5 hospitals) takes new grads into NICU. However, this is not the hospital I want to work at for very long due to the driving distance. So, is it easier to transfer from a NICU at that hospital to the NICU at the hospital I want to work at, or would it be better to apply at the hospital I want to work at but just not NICU....maybe mother/baby or something? Thanks for any input.
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  3. by   bargainhound
    Give yourself more time.
    You will be exposed to other ideas
    and have other thoughts of where
    you might want to work as you go
    through your classes.
  4. by   HappyNurse2005
    having nicu experience would help with a nicu job. go ahead and apply for nicu at the hospital you really want-you might be surprised.

    If nicu is really what you want, i'd apply at the other nicu and transfer to yours. your having nicu experience would be a plus when you do apply