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  1. HEY!!

    I didn't realize he had actually been booted. I don't know why he was so hung up on that though. Seems to me that he likes twisting peoples' words too on occasion. I didn't understand why he just couldn't let go. It is just a BB afterall...

    Peds has been crazy! I work casual and L&D has been taking up most of my time. Since my six week orientation to peds ended in the beginning of December I have only worked there twice. The six weeks were a mixed bag, but overall really neat. I LOOOOVE kids, and really enjoy the unit. The nurses there are really nice. I guess you have to be to put up with kids eh? Parents can be tough to deal with sometimes. I actually got to care for a kid I helped deliver to his drug addicted mother about six months ago...heartbreaking... How's everything down in 'bama going?
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