Too many residents?

  1. OK, I don't know how many of you out there are, or have been, resident care managers in LTC, but I'd like some opinions on a)how many residents you are responsible for; b) what type of residents you care for (e.g, skilled, ICF, specialty units etc.); and c) how many residents you can realistically manage AND do a good job.

    I love my RCM job, but at this point I'm working 50+ hours a week managing care for almost 40 residents---11 of whom are skilled, and another 12 of whom are young adults with psychiatric and medical issues who probably take up more time and energy than all my other residents combined (even my SNF pts. with frequent MDS, RAPs and care plans). Does anyone else out there think this might be a little excessive? I'm getting frustrated because there's so many little details and they're ALL important, but with the acuity I'm dealing with, I simply cannot do a proper job of overseeing their care. The other RCM (yes, we have only 2 for 87 residents) has it bad too, although hers are all ICF. I feel like I'm drowning, and the surveyors are due in at any time. HELP!!!
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