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I am a GN and began working on an ICU unit 3 weeks ago and am ready to tear my hair out and then quit! Orientation is a joke, it consists of them throwing 2-3 patients at me and not giving me any... Read More

  1. by   DelGR
    YOU need to stand up to them and not let them give you more than you can safely handle. You are not doing the patients any favors by meekly accepting a horrible assignment. And if they dare say you are being uncooperative or refusing an assignment, you need to take them IMMEDIATELY to the DON or whomever is in charge. Do it for the safety of your patients. I found whenever I was expected to do more than was humanly possible and gave good reasons that it was at the best interest of the patients I not accept an assignment that would jeopardize care, the Charge Nurse stepped in and adjusted assignments. Yes, even during the orientation period. If you don't learn now, you'll be a doormat for anyone else coming along.