Today was a good day

  1. Today, my patient cried and hugged me because I was able to get his/her port working after it hadn't given a blood return since its placement in March at an outside facility (NOT ours). Patient had given up on the port and was having a hard time with treatment and wasn't positive about his/her outlook. Saw patient after he/she had chemo and he/she just glowed, and was so happy the port worked that he/she hugged me again.

    I didn't want to show emotion in front of my co-workers or the patient, but when I got home I cried too because today was just the day that I needed a reminder as to why I got into nursing...
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  3. by   HappytobeARNP
    This is a reminder that sometimes its the smallest things that make a big difference is someone's life. The few extra minutes you took will make her life so much easier. Often its our compassion that's separates us from other healthcare professionals. In a way you helped each other. Thanks for sharing!