To all the nurse who care..

  1. To all the nurses in the world who care, and who inspire me to become the nurse i want to be.. Thank You.
    As all of you have by now seen, the conjoined twins are separated and doing well! This inspires me..helping the lsee fortunate. All of the nurses, doctors and others who gave of their time freely to help these poor children live healthy happy normal lives. As a child I was not unlike these twins. I was not born with some one attached to me, and I am tankful for small blessings. I spent most of my childhood in the hospital, and thanks to the wonderful workers of The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, it was not a completely terrible time. I am able to look back fondly on my time there, most (there is only one I can think of) of the nurses were wonderful, accomodating, caring, loving people. Spending that time there allowed me a different view of the nurses (in ontario at least)
    So to all of you, I hope to make you proud..and thank you..because I know you dont hear it enough...keep up the good work..for all of us
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  3. by   mario_ragucci
    Thank you for the kiss elusive. I've been thinking about all the powerful nurses out their who help folks like a whip with all the modern technology and chemicals. More power to all the nurses that create healing power before our eyes to behold!