Tips, Tricks, and Fixes

  1. I thought maybe we could use a thread where we posted our little tips and tricks -- why re-invent the wheel? I don't mean the "old wive's tale" kind of stuff, the things you've actually seen/done that really do work.

    Here's some of mine:

    When you have a pt on telemetry who's looking at the wiring and screaming "spider!" or "snakes!" -- get the mesh tube dressing, cut it the length of the telemetry wires, and put the wiring thru that. Bring out just enough to put the leads on, run the leads thru the top of the snaps on the shoulder of the gown, and put the box under the pillow. Out of sight, out of mine, leads hopefully stay on.

    When you've got a pt who keeps catching and pulling out his IVs, take the line, make several "S" curves in it, and tape each curve down. Each time he catches the line on the bed rail, etc., it'll pull out a "S" curve, bring it to his attention that he's snagged, and hopefully keep you from having to do 4 resticks in the course of 1 shift....

    Skin prep helps tighten up boggy heels (not actual breakdown, just "soft" heels).
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  3. by   ktwlpn
    If you have a confused patient pulling out lines try writing on the dressing with a black sharpie " Do NOT touch" I've seen it work...Also if you have to insert a foley and are having difficulty visualizing the urinary meatus try putting a fracture pan upside down and backwards under the pelvis-this position may open things up-especially if the patient is a little fluffy...
  4. by   catshowlady
    I entertained a confused guy that pulled at lines and tubes for an entire shift by taking an oxygen supply tubing and tying about 15 knots in it. He was pleasantly confused, and quite cooperative. I handed him the tubing and asked him if he could un-knot it for me. He took the whole 12-hr shift to do it, but he got it un-knotted. The funny thing was, he would put it down for awhile and then go back to it later. He could remember to do that, but couldn't remember *not* to pull at the IV lines! But, at least I didn't have to restart his IV like all the other shifts did!