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;) Hello again...... I haven't been here in a few weeks, got married and have had a lot going on. I recently decided not to renew my license. I moved to Kentucky from Arkansas, and just don't want... Read More

  1. by   Little Panda RN
    Good Luck to you Longtime NRS. There comes a time when you have to follow your heart. There is nothing wrong with leaving nursing and doing something else or staying home. Some will think you have lost your mind and others will wish they had the courage to do what you are going to do.

    I am 45 and have been in the medical field for 13 years. I needed a change so now I am managing a Dollar Store and loving it!!!! They pay is a little less, but we make it. My husband encouraged me to make this transition to see me happy again. He is willing to tighten the belt and count pennies with me. I actually feel in more control over my life than I did before.

    I would agree with everyone else when they say keep your license even if it is in inactive status. You may find that one day you might want to do some type of nursing flex-time. That is what I am doing, keeping my license and working flex-time in nursing.

    Anyways the best of luck to you and I wish you many happy years!!