Thrifty Facilities? - page 3

Ever work in a facility where there are no TB syringes? I had to give morphine injections to a dying patient the other night and, was surprised to find that this place used 1cc insulin syringes... Read More

  1. by   tatgirl
    I work in ltc, and we are always running short on accu-check strips. We have 3 units and each unit has alot of diabetics receving q6hr checks. anyhow, the don accused the nurses of taking them home. yeah right, there is a market for these things and we are selling them for extra $$$$ lmaoooo. I politely told her that perhaps they should quit admitting people with diabetes then we wouldnt have to worry. One day, we did run out of strips and we couldnt do the 1130 am blood glucose checks.