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So this thread might already be out there, but I couldn't find it, so I figure it's time to ask again:) What's your favorite thing about being a nurse? Least favorite? Do you like being a... Read More

  1. by   kelticwoman
    I am sure I will rediscover what I like about being a nurse when I start
    back to work again this Monday for the first time after two years. I have had a tough time with nursing throughout my career of 12 years. Four of those years I didn't work as a nurse, from 20002-2004 and again since 2004-till present. I know that I respect the profession immensely. An enormous knowledge base plus interpersonal, communication, and various other skills are required in addition to physical and emotional stamina. I find nursing challenging in this regard and I enjoy a good challenge. One of the things I liked about med-surg nursing as I remember, was the opportunity
    to impart knowledge to another person--technical or medical. I did like that
    my interventions made a difference in a person's abilities to cope with illness or surgery. I did like having a job where kindness could be given and appreciated. I did like my co-workers sense of humor when things were stressed. I have been apprehensive about returning to work, but thank you for this question as it clarifies what I love about nursing.