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Normally I can express myself on this forum with humor, but not this time, at least not as usual. I just came out of a meeting (you know; one of those meetings where we sip cognac and eat bonbons... Read More

  1. by   VickyRN
    JeannieM, middle management is a terrible place to be--for anyone... Don't be too hard on yourself. You get it from the top and the bottom. And you're "caught" right there in the middle, like a pair of pincers, squeezing you from every direction. No real authority to change anything. Stress, stress, stress; unappreciation, unrelenting impossible demands. I certainly would not want to be in that position. Try to get away and do something fun just for you this week. Take time to sit back and reflect--maybe there is something else out there that you could do that you would really enjoy; that wouldn't consume and take all the joy out of your life, like this job has.
  2. by   l.rae
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by stevierae
    Jeannie, with all due respect, it was your choice to go into management.

    Everything you have described comes with the territory. That's why most of us DON'T want to go into management.............

    AND........and why nurses don't stay at the bed side......l like my NM...don't really consider her a ''suit'' per-say.
    However, these upper mngt. robots only care about the bottom line...nothing more....if they would bother to get off their inflated asses and pull the stick out...hey, they might find a nurse or 2 up there.............. LR
  3. by   stevierae
    Jeannie, when a JOB makes you cry, it's time to reassess the job and decide if it's worth that kind of misery. A job should be FUN. You should be able to drive home, still laughing over the funny things that happened at work that day. Life is too short to be doing something that you don't LOVE. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Middle management is a miserable place to be; you are in the proverbial "between a rock and a hard place." Let those that ARE really management, and who are PAID more, deal with the headaches.
  4. by   RNinICU
    When I was a CNA, I thought I had the worst job in the hospital. The LPNs, RNs, and especially management had it easy. When I became an LPN I realized that I had been wrong. LPNs actually have the hardest job in the hospital, and much more responsibility than the CNAs. By the time I became an RN, I finally learned that NO job is easy, including management. Each job has it's own responsibilities, stresses and rewards. Of course there are good managers, mediocre managers, and poor managers. But there are also aides, LPNs, and RNs that fit into these same categories. It often seems as if upper management in our hospital has little regard for the nursing staff, and only worries about the bottom line. But guess what, somebody has to worry about the bottom line, or hospitals would not be able to operate. The problem occurs when administration does not realize how important the nurses are in keeping that bottom line in the black. When their focus becomes so narrow that all they can see is the balance sheet, nurses feel de-valued and abused. I personally would not want to work in management, although I have been offered positions in the past. I want to keep doing my patient care, and let someone else worry about the bottom line.
  5. by   hapeewendy
    having read your posts
    and having gotten to know you from this bb
    I think ur wonderful plain and simple
    you do the best you can do in a sometimes crappy position and I can understand your position.
    In my posts I have not tried to bash management generally speaking, just my encounters with the management where I work.
    I would feel incredibly lucky to work with you in any aspect of nursing as I feel you have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share
    keep your head up and know in your heart of hearts that you are doing what you can in a sometimes very impossible situation
  6. by   mario_ragucci
    I love you for coming here and generating the opportunity to understand something new. How could we learn unless you shed light on how things are; Thank you again.

    Once I threw my hat (and time) into the ring, so to say, to "make my bones" working at a large corporation. They just chewed me up, and spit me out. Remember! Looking ahead 5 years from now, yule have super-power perspective and experience. Right? As folks have told me, you do right by bouncing it off this board.

    So far, i observe health care much different than any other "corporation." If union went to strike, or a slow down, the company would suffer. But if we allowed something to go wrong because of over-worked people, then the PT's suffer.

    When I started my job, I wanted to ask my manager if she wanted me to help keep up and organize all the paper in her office. And everytime I see her, people are dogging her with information and requests for information. You must get floged as well. I wish I could say more, but this is a learning thread for me. Im sorry :-(
  7. by   Zee_RN
    Been There; Done That. Went into that limbo-land of administration for seven months. Not management, but not staff. Got a real good look a life "on the other side." Hated it! I'll take the stress of the ICU any time. And I went back to the ICU in May and I'm ever-so-happy to be there!!

    I have a lot of respect for many nurse managers and a few of the upper management. I try to stress it when others are griping about management about the balancing act the NMs are attempting. I would NOT want their jobs!!!
  8. by   JeannieM
    OK. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, people smiled when they saw me walk in (a few even hugged me), and even the paperwork-from-hell didn't look quite as daunting on my desk. I didn't plan on logging on here this morning, but there were PMs from several of you (THANK YOU!), as well as numerous posts offering different perspectives and support that I very much needed to hear. Thank you all so much. This is why I come here.
    Guys, I'm an idealist, and I will persist in being one in spite of what we see in healthcare. This BB is one of the reasons that I remain one. The place I work, for all of its warts, is another. There are so many great people trying so hard in that little hospital, and this profession, and it hurts when they just don't see that the other person is truly trying just as hard as they are, and may be fighting personal battles they know nothing about. Buried somewhere in the rubble, I've got a husband and two kids and four cats and a house that should be declared a disaster area.
    "Lemons to lemonade?" I think nurses at all levels have made enough lemonade to fill up the Atlantic Ocean. And if I ever tell you to "do the best you can", I'd better be beside you doing the best I can myself, or collapsed in exhaustian at your feet because I couldn't do anymore!
    There are also people at all levels in this field who are either burned out or unmotivated or simply don't have the aptitude for what they do, and these people endanger us, our patients and our morale. Unfortunately, executing them or impaling them on rectal tubes is not an alternative (except in my warped imagination). If you have the misfortune to work with any of these people, my heart goes out to you. I know that you AREN'T one of these people or you wouldn't be on this BB.
    Enough said!!! I shall now return to having my nasal hairs surgically removed. Please expect a humorous thread on grant writing next week. I need a healthier way to vent! Love you all. JeannieM