Things we hate about nursing [podcast]

  1. Nursing isn't always sunshine and rainbows.

    We laugh.

    We cry.

    You better believe we cuss!

    We love taking care of people.

    There's a major caveat.

    We're obligated to wear the "nurse hat" and take everything with a smile.

    And, I do mean everything.

    We're kicked, cussed, screamed at, spit on, **** on, pissed on, and abused.

    We're threatened with law suits.

    We're subject to bullying and lateral violence.

    We talked down to by our peers and colleagues.

    Management constantly criticizing our work and documentation.

    We signed up to care for patients but we rarely have time to adequately do so.

    Why do we take it? Because we're nurses.

    We have an endless supply of courage and strength to take it.

    Like iron forged steel, we're built to last.

    Nurses are real life super heroes!

    Our tough skin may not show it.

    Our dark and overly sarcastic humor may not reveal it.

    But, deep down we love and care for our patients regardless of the circumstances.

    I love being a nurse because every once in awhile I truly feel I've made a positive difference in someone's life.

    Join Adrianne and I as we discuss the 4th episode, "Things we hate about nursing" in our new podcast, "Med Room Chronicles."

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