THIN- A Documentary about Eating Disorders

  1. I just got my new copy of People magazine today, and there is an article there regarding a new HBO documentary that will air November 14th (ET) 9:00pm about individuals suffering from severe forms of Anorexia and Bulemia, who have required intensive residential treatment as a life-saving measure. I put this thread here, rather on the Psych board, hoping it would garner more readership for this critical issue of todays young women (and men). Those of you who work with eating disorders, know someone who is suffering, or are suffering yourself, I highly recommend this film. HBO is known for their excellent documentary programming. There is another shorter program from PBS, called Dying to be Thin, narrated by Susan Sarandon, and it is available for viewing on the PBS website, Will need quick time player to do this. I hope this info is helpful to any who need it. You can click to review the info on THIN. To find out more about the PBS program go to


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