The Real Deal on Salaries?

  1. I was wondering if someone can give me some honest feedback on nursing salaries. From the research I am doing -- seems like you can start off around $16-20 per hour including differentials, etc. Having done the math -- seems like that working 4 12 hour shifts a week means some pretty decent money. With experience -- it increases, especially if you get more education. Is this a correct observation?

    Right now I earn $72,000+ a year in business working a 60 hour week, always on the road, etc. It seems like nursing really isn't a "step-down" at all in terms of pay -- especially if you are willing to learn new skills and clock the hours. Is that accurate?

    BTW, I've worked as a paramedic, so I know the upsides and downsides of the nursing profession....
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  3. by   P_RN
    You seem to be on the right track. It will also depend on the type of degree, the location of employment and the willingness to give up a certain amount of autonomy in the way of hours and days worked.

    In SC with 28 years as an RN working in a hospital for ~/=25.00/hr and working 84 hours every 2 weeks...(that's 3-12s one week and 4-12s the next) I made about 60k a year. That's time and a half over 40h a week, so the 2nd week 8hrs was OT. Then there was 1.25/hr diff for 3-11 and 1.50 for 11-7.

    In New York you might make more and have a contract. In SC or Ms or Ga you might make more or less and be an at will employee.

    You can go to and put in parameters and get some generalized comparisons.

    This is as truthful (if not skinny) as I can get.