The Professional Strike-Breakers

  1. A friend just sent me a survey he was asked to take by a "travel" nurse agency. He did not work a strike. He worked a legitimate travel assignment but was sent this survey anyway because, unbeknownst to him, the agency he went with now has a separate branch that Strike Nurse Survey that does nothing but staff strikes - with RNs (for $40/hr plus overtime), LPNs, & UAPs. What do you think of these questions?

    <<<Attention Strike Nurses!!!!
    We want your feedback!! Please take a moment to answer the following questions. Your honest answers will help us make traveling with **** an even more rewarding experience for you. Please fax the completed survey to: ATTN: Marketing Director, FAX: ***** or email to *****.com. Thank you for your input!

    In between working strikes, I do the following:

    ______Work per diem in my local community

    ______Work short-term travel assignments

    ______I have a regular full-time job and take a leave of absence to work strikes

    ______I do not work between strikes

    What attracts you most to working strikes? (Please rank from 1-5, with 5 being what attracts you most.)

    ______High Pay

    ______Short-Term Assignment

    ______Get to Visit With Distant Friend/Family

    ______I Dislike Unions


    ______Other (specify) ____________________________

    Would you be equally attracted to short-term, 2-week assignments paying $30/hr?


    ______No Why Not? ______________________________________

    ----------------------- Headers -------------------------------- >>>

    hmmmmmmm....... last I heard, the reason they were doing it was because "SOMEBODY has to take care of the poor pts!!" How interesting that not one mention is made of pts or pt care in this strike-breakers survey on why people want to be scabs.
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