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Hi everyone! For those of you who are working or have worked the night shift full time I have a question: Do most hospitals schedule full time night shift RN's in 12 hr shifts?? I have an interview... Read More

  1. by   lauralassie
    Most hospitals seem to hire 12 hour shifts. But in our ER the shifts vary/. We have nurses coming in 7-7.3-3,11-11.1-1 etc. We have a couple people on 8 hours and a couple on 10 hr shifts as well. It usuallydepends upon the FTE's there are to fill. Our nursing admin, say's she doesn't like 12 hour shifts because productivity decreases. She fails to realize that scheduling every other night , calling to come in extra because of short staffing , short on nurses all of the time, putting non emergent pt's in hall ways , 2 pt's in one room , and no more staff, Calling to make sure we are giving DVD palyers in the lobyand anouncing every half hour that we are sorry for your wait, starting Iv's in triage, giving IV dilaudid in the loby and making rounds every half hour with a "comfort cart", is what is decreasing productivity. We do have enough staff to care for the amount of pt's we have , let alone be a triage pillow fluffer.That is what inturrupts productivity.:deadhorse