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does anyone else work with a nurse that just grate's your nerves?? there is this one nurse that i really can't stand to be around for too long! she has only been a rn for @ 1yr (it took her 3x to... Read More

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    originally posted by altomga
    does anyone else work with a nurse that just grate's your nerves?? there is this one nurse that i really can't stand to be around for too long! she has only been a rn for @ 1yr (it took her 3x to pass the boards) now don't flame me i realize some people have test anxiety, but i am positive that getting totally wasted the night before one test did not help. anyway, she acts all high and mighty, extremely unprofessional also. i reminded her this morning before i left to make sure all staff adhered to the rules (strictly) because jcaho is surveying us right now. she responds, who cares, i'm not going to make anyone do anything, i don't care>>>>what's up with that? she acts like she knows soooooo much more than those who have been in nursing for years.
    she just makes me so madddddd!!!

    oh, but of course when i do follow up on the bad things that any of us would report i get brushed off!! it was i who must have misunderstood the situation or i just didn't hear what i thought i heard. on my floor it seems that dayshift can do no wrong. night shift gets the short end of the stick.
    can we say industrial size ky!!! or as us nighters like to say...just give it to my dry!
    okay, i know i am ranting and raving...sorry, but you guys listen. i am not the only one that feels this way at work though at least.
    (and please no flaming, i wasn't directing my comments about dayshift or other remarks to anyone but this particular nurse and floor)

    sorry guys!
    wow, this could of been written by me. i work in a ltcf and same here, day shift can do no wrong. can it be because they have more people working it, therefore they don't have to work at different roles as evenings/nights does? maybe. anyways, we also have a new graduate nurse who is getting on everyones nerves! she is rude for one thing, has no respect for our supervisor, thinks that she is better than everyone etc....she is also a snitch. her mother works here also, so she is constantly running to mommy. many of us have tried so hard to "like her", but she makes it very hard. just the other evening, one of the cna's was called into the office. the supervisor asked her, "i heard that you were quitting because etc....".,,,the cna was like, "no, not going anywhere"......what happened was earlier this cna was venting to another cna, this nurse overheard and took it upon herself to run to the office and say this.......she didn't even get the story straight, asides the point that she was not involved in conversation and it's none of her business. now when she comes in, she demands a certain unit. well, none of us on evenings has a perm. unit. granted many times we are put on the same, but it's not written in blood and we always go where we are assigned. well, she wants this one unit(actually barged into the day and told her that she better fix it! there are other incidences, some more serious(though i hesitate to get into them since they may determine who/where i am talking about) can we deal with this person??? i really don't know. you know, we all need to work together and none of us knows everything. what comes to mind, is that she is going to need others help and nobody is going to want to help. others have already said, "let her fall and maybe she will learn the hard way"........ well, now i am ranting and raving, lol..........sorry..........but is feels good to get it off my chest. thanks everyone.
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    I'm a day shifter, and your right....we cannot do any wrong.

    just kiddin
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    Well, we work 2 weeks days and then 2 weeks nights ( both 12 hours )

    So.... there is no problem with the old "it's us against them" routine.

    I think when people act like they "know it all" and lets face NO ONE is usually to cover for low self estem issues.

    People who act like that in critical care are SCAREY.
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    Originally posted by P_RN
    Night shift IS a whole other world. I only found one person sleeping (snoring, wrapped in a blanket in the therapy room, lights out....) and when we shook him awake he said he was meditating....I like night shift but usually you have to be up and alert because NO PATIENT sleeps!
    Okay; the thing is, there are MANY State Boards of Nursing that have written in their Nurse Practice Acts that sleeping IS patient abandonment! People who sleep on the job without someone covering for them are abandoning their patients and could lose their licenses for it! Go to and type in: "sleeping on the job"; and patient abandonment in the search box (be sure and put the quotes in for the "sleeping on the job" phrase, otherwise you get lots of junk responses).

    I don't want to hijack this thread, but PLEASE don't let people get away with this! These nurses need to sleep at home, not on the job. And I worked nights for many years, even when I had young kids, so I know all of the excuses.
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    Originally posted by sjoe
    "don't flame me ...and please no flaming,"

    It may well be that this kind of attitude is more than a small part of the problem. Since you are a permanent charge nurse, I would strongly recommend that you take some management and supervision courses, since your facility doesn't appear to have given you any such training. (This is the number one problem in the nursing field, IMHO.)

    Reading "Managing for Dummies," might be a good start.

    You might also wish to check out this thread:

    Best wishes.
    Not really pointed at anyone here, but I have to agree that in general nurse mgrs, DON's, etc. REALLY lack any kind of formal management/leadership training. I came from the business field before jumping into nursing. While even in business you had an occasional manager idiot, it seems that this is more or less the norm when it comes to healthcare.

    Sometimes I wonder if DON should really stand for "Director of Nobody".

    It's a hard pill to swallow when I see more burnt out nurses who take a DON job because (of all things) they are sick of nursing! Now that makes about as much sense as a hole in the head... grrr...

    Sorry, I shall shut up now... hehe...