the meanie struck again

  1. the worst part of my job is having to deal with my PCC, who used to work my wing until she got an admin position - she is an LPN like me, just with a few extra letters after her name for QA - anyway, she doesnt like to be wrong and thinks that her way is the only way - she has written physician orders without notifying docs first, and i have proof of this but as many people where i work, are worried about her coming down on us for any little thing, and job security is not good where i am right now, we are all pretty much scared. Anyway, today she comes to my unit ( where she does not tread when i am there cuz i tell her what is what ) and yells at my nursing assistants that there is supposed to be this and that in place for one of my residents that has history of falls - well guess what - none of the things she mentioned to them were part of the care plan or a physician order, i looked to double check - i have this real feeling that sooner or later though it will be a physician order, maybe even by the time i get back to work tomorrow - she is horrible to work under, degrades all the staff in the building, but i dont think there is anything we can do, seeing as our new DON knows all of this, and our administrator does too - any suggestions on how to get through 8 hours of harrassment would be deeply appreciated as myself and my nursing assistants are getting really tired of it all :angryfire
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  3. by   Evangeline2000
    Ya know, you really shouldn't HAVE TO endure 8 hours of harrassment.
    I'd probably just tell her, plainly, to SHUT UP because I didn't want to hear her abuse.
  4. by   sharona97
    document,document,document, leaving a paper trail with specifics,dates,etc may come in handy if there is a defemation or slander issue further on down the road.

    I kept a journal on tx a doc exhibited to me and held a meeting with the administrator when it involved direct patient care during a medical emergency. Hope this helps.