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I have seen and participated in many forums here where ppl have shared angst and pain related to various issues in their nursing careers. But there are so many of us still here, so why are we (still... Read More

  1. by   Jennifer, RN
    I like watching pts get better. Its great to see a lethargic and dehydrated 8 yr old discharged a talkative and energetic boy again. Its great to see the rapid afib convert to NSR. I also like the compassion and humility that is all compressed into the art of nursing.
    I am grateful for the critical thinking skills that I have acquired while being a nurse. These skills make it easier to deal with problems or issues that arise in my personal life as well as my professional.
    On the flip side, all the double charting paperwork, uncaring management, and skipped lunches/dinners/pee breaks can take a hike.
  2. by   Ann RN
    When my grandmother was very ill and not far from her death, she would only allow one person to bathe her - me. Why? In her words "because my granddaughter's a nurse".
  3. by   Tiwi
    When nurses work as a team, the atmosphere is great. Even when the work is c**p, in these conditions we seem to get ourselves through. I guess it's our determination, as well our warped sense of humour that is peculiar to nurses, yes?
  4. by   RNperdiem
    In what other profession can we see love in action?
    Look at some of our patients families. There are the devoted husbands and wives at the bedside who do all they can.
    It is those parents who graciously thank everyone for all they did for their son, even though he is an organ donor now.
    It is the staff from the long term care facility who come visit "john" in hospital, and bring his favorite CD's.
    It is the people who have 30+ visitors in one day because people care.
    Our work has meaning.
  5. by   Hope10
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  6. by   analee23
    It's giving that emergent racemic epi to the croupy kid that can't breath without severe stridor and seein him turn around in a flash. And finally getting a smile!

    It's the 4 year old that gives you a hug before going up to the floor for "being so nice" even though you had to stick him for an IV.

    It's seeing a toddler's eyes light up at the sight of a sticker, or something else simple like a popsicle (after odt zofran of course I LOVE vitamin Z!)

    It's the special needs kid that's twice your size that wants a kiss on his forehead before he goes home, and won't go home until you do it! (frequent flier with sz disorder... sweetest boy in the world with the nicest family ever)

    It's comforting a family that has just lost their baby, and then having them say thank you, we know you tried everything.

    There's nothing like the human emotion in nursing. You are with people in their best times and their worst times. You get to help people through some of the most difficult times in their lives. These people will never forget you, and will always be grateful for what ya did!

    All the politics and stress are worth it in the long run... at least in my book!
  7. by   sodiumH20taffy
    It's the patient who told me that she watched my confidence grow during her lengthy stay in the hospital.