Thanks to pt's guardian ANGEL...

  1. [font=book antiqua]recently i had a patient who was having difficulty with oral secretions and had to be suctioned often during my shift, in addition to breathing treatments. at around 0345 in the morning i remember oddly the patient's neighbor's call light went off all by itself (due to a loose connection from the wall) and i entered the room to turn it off by pushing the button and suction my patient again and ten minutes later the same dysfunctioning call light called for my attention...and i went into the room to push the light and looking at my patient who i'd been suctioning looked ok and then suddenly not ok..he was crashing fast, blue all over and unresponsive. called a code and began cpr and luckily we we're able to transfer him to the icu unit intubated, he did not die! do you ever feel like there are outside helpers, angels, that beckon for your help with a patient mysteriously? :angel2:
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Yep. seen that happen before when working Respiratory/Telemetry unit.