thanks (regarding first day as RN)

  1. I just want to thank everyone for the support they have given me. Things have gotten better, my confidence isn't so hot yet. The nurse that was giving me a hard time was asked not to come back to our facility. I'm not sure what she did, but it was kind of nice to see it happen. She obviously didn't know everything(like she thought)
    Just a quick question about amputations, I always thought that afterwards they stitched or stapled the stump together...a guy in our facility just had a bilat BKA and it looked like they just chopped off the legs and wrapped them up. I was wondering why it would be done this way. Just a little shocking to take off the dressings for the first time and see that thanks again everyone
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  3. by   PPL
    MY, I have never seen that! I work in rehab, and generally, a skin flap is created, then staples. I have taken care of wounds that they were unable to close for one reason or another, but not on an amputee. I hope others have some answers to this, as I am interested too. I am so happy that you're feeling better! None of us can't possibly know it all, and I have never met a nurse, that couldn't teach me something and the other way around! Best luck!
  4. by   JillR
    I too have never seen an amputated leg that was left open. When you out the rationale for this please let me know. This is interesting to me. I'm glad you are havinga a better time of at, soemthings just work out on their own. JillR
  5. by   nightstar41
    Usually, enough skin is left to create a flap...why did he require an amputation?? Maybee, necrosis or infection prevented an immediate flap or not enough healthy skin was available for a flap. I would assume that a skin graft will likely be done in the near future. Can you access this patient's history or OR notes from the surgeon?? Your answer probably lies there. I am glad that things are working better for you. Remember, one day at a time!