Thanks for your replies!

  1. Thank you guys for your replies
    Yesterday during my break I went outside and sat on the street thinking that It's been only a year since I graduated and I feel so burned out. I love nursing, I love my patients even though they are terminally ill, the worst of the worst and yeah I still love them!
    I feel only nurses understand each other because other people don't have a clue what we do every day when we go to work, we deal with lives and its our responsability, it does not matter if you work in ICU, ER, OR, L&D or a nursing home, is still the same.
    Thank God I am off for 2 days
    love, Pam
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  3. by   Dr. Kate
    Be gentle with yourself. Do good things for yourself and those you love. Eat well and exercise. Keep coming here for an ear and support. And welcome to the really hard part of becoming a nurse: learning to protect yourself while remaining caring and loving with your patients.
    We can hold their lives only as gently as we hold our own.