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As nurses, we consider it a good day's work when nobody has yelled at us or thrown bedpans at us. When we hear, "Thank you for being my nurse; you are so kind," it borders on the near miraculous. ... Read More

  1. by   pete_
    Wow, I'm not the emotional type, but that story brought a tear to my eye.

    I'm definitely going to send my nurses chrissy cards now, I know who most are, except for one, who wheeled me down to surgery, whom I'd like to thank the most, she was from the cardio ward and filling in at the neuro ward. Two years ago I had an 'it's my time' moment when diagnosed with a 37mm brain tumor, just 4 weeks ago, I finally had surgery to remove it after treatment had shrunk it to 25mm.

    I was there with my wife and daughter beside me, I could tell that our situation affected my nurse, I think she mast have thought about her family and being in the same position. Before going into surgery she somehow managed to get me to relax, perhaps she just made me feel like I was in good hands, she did this without it being said, I almost fell asleep, so when on the operating table I went under in a relaxed state. I suspect this helped me immensely during later recovery, they let me out of the ICU 16 hours after my op, when I was up walking around and had been allowed to shower myself.

    It bothers me that she hasn't seen me after surgery. I think I'll put on a suit (so she can see me as strong and healthy, instead of sick and vulnerable) and see if I can't find her next time I'm at the hospital.
  2. by   libragirl924
    It takes a lot to make me cry. Congratulations!