Thank you everyone for your comments/help about my post effective communication

  1. I want to thank everyone who responded to my post about how to be a good communicator. I may still be a little shy but I do know how to open up and being shy after all these years have put me in more of a listener type position because I am usually a listener and I do really well with that. All my friends keep saying that I am the only one that they can call when they REALLY need someone who will listen to them. All though there have been many times that I have doubted that and felt they were just saying that. I believe it is true.

    I am pretty comfortable around people and I am just at the point where I see nurses and other nursing students being able to strike up converstations with their patients and I don't know when it is approriate and when it is not approriate to do that. Should I just let watch the patient and take their lead? I think that is what I should do after I introduced myself and explain what I am going to do, if they have any concerns or questions or ask if they need any thing.

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  3. by   boggle
    Oh peaceful, I'm not worried about you at all!! You come across as a gentle and thoughtful person.

    The best part of being a student is that you have TIME to Listen to a patient. Once you introduce yourself, provide a bit of comfort and ask a few open ended questions, most patients will talk to you.

    I find most folks want someone to listen to their whole story. Most of the time I have to rush away too soon. (too little time,too much to do!)

    Your patients will teach you so much! Enjoy.
  4. by   micro
    I agree, you will do fine.....your ease with people is #1. You are in the right professional, tell the patient what you would like to do, give them choices if possible....and during interaction.....yes, take their lead.........and your ease and when to initiate will come with time and your own nursing style....